Merry, bright light

From the fabled residential displays of Mystic Way to myriad businesses on Coast Highway, Lagunans have plenty of opportunities to catch some stupendous light shows.

Top marks go every year to Black Iris, 2950 S. Coast Hwy., which festoons its two-story facade with thousands of tiny white lights.

But the real treat lies within the floral shop’s exterior. Santa beckons from the front windows, joined by trees, garlands and one-of-a-kind ornaments.

Within, home decor items join beatific cherubs and glittery swag.


The store requires shoppers to wander slowly through, as every surface is covered with temptations.

Just down Coast Highway, the Montage Resort & Spa has created a fairy-tale scene on its lawn.

A lofty Christmas tree offers an incongruous vista near the resort’s massive pool.

The highlight on the property is a grouping of holiday lights that were suspended to “float” between a set of palm trees.


They create a lunar effect that makes for a great photo opportunity. The view is especially stirring from the resort’s lobby balcony.

Farther north, Thalia Surf & Sport boasts an eclectic display, and the light show continues in the neighborhood surrounding it.

Neighbors on Brooks Street compete for the best display, and Park Avenue’s decked-out cottages are a yearly spectacle.

The holiday magic extends all the way up into downtown, where palm trees have been strung up with bulbs and even the iconic lifeguard tower wasn’t left untouched.

A can’t-miss stop is the annual nativity scene in front of Laguna Presbyterian Church, and the iconic pepper tree in front of City Hall is lit up with thousands of lights.