Officials: Lights to keep shining

City officials have trumped an ordinance that says holiday lights and decorations with no commercial message are allowed only between Nov. 15 and Jan. 15.

The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to allow the holiday lights that illuminate the trees and lifeguard tower on Main Beach to glow from dusk to midnight, justifying them as decorations erected by the city. The city code specifically allows city-installed decorations to remain in place.

“There is no time limit on ‘decorations erected by the city,’” Mayor Kelly Boyd said.

The city worked with the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce to install a special electric pedestal at Main Beach to provide the power for the lighting, Boyd reported. He specifically did not include the dolphin decoration in his recommendation.


Holiday lighting of stores and trees downtown has become a Laguna Beach tradition.

This year, the chamber and the Laguna Beach Visitors Bureau purchased new low-energy lights so the cost of the display and the energy was reduced.

The Main Beach lighting was installed in such a way that year-round lighting is feasible, Boyd said.

Acceding to Councilwoman Jane Egly’s request, the lights will be shut off at midnight.