MAILBAG: City should allow marijuana dispensaries

On Oct. 16, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) with help from the Laguna Beach Police raided a medical marijuana dispensary downstairs on the southwest corner of Diamond Street and South Coast Highway.

They seized an unknown amount of marijuana and took two people into custody. Hundreds of residents have doctors’ permission to purchase marijuana from dispensaries because they are HIV positive or have a host of other ailments that pot can help.

Of course, marijuana should not be listed by the “feds" as a Class A drug and people hope the newly elected president and Congress will change this and stop the DEA raids. The whole American dialogue about marijuana is juvenile. Marijuana should have been legalized years ago. I have joined the boycott of Kelloggs, since they announced that Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ endorsement deal would not be renewed. Marijuana kills no one, and has been in use in Laguna forever.

Prescription drugs and alcohol kill more people than all the other drugs combined. Our police Chief Sellers was formerly the chief in Seal Beach "” but please, Laguna Beach is not Seal Beach.



Laguna Beach


Taxes should not be used for homeless


We all know being a good Samaritan implies compassion and outreach to those less fortunate. Most everyone has extended a helping hand to another person in need, either personally or through voluntary contributions to charitable organizations, i.e. Red Cross and Salvation Army.

However, a similar distinction prevails throughout all these charitable endeavors: they rely on voluntary contributions of personal funds and/or involvement.

The original good Samaritan also made an individual decision to aid a needy stranger.

He didn’t ask or expect others to join him.

The current City Council Advisory Committee and the Homeless Task force should consider a similar premise, that any assistance to our transient homeless visitors is addressed primarily through voluntary contributions of private funds and personal commitments and services offered by Orange County.

There is no reasonable justification to expect the city of Laguna Beach, which represents the best interests of all our residents, to assume an ongoing financial obligation to provide housing, feeding and counseling services for a few transient visitors.

Let’s applaud those persons who follow the lesson of the good Samaritan, however, they should not expect nor demand that the entire community fund their efforts with public tax supported programs.

We believe the majority of Laguna’s good Samaritans would prefer to make their own choices as to who they wish to assist through charitable means.


Laguna Beach residents, who have similar concerns, or have personally experienced any intimidating behavior or witnessed offensive conduct, should let the mayor and City Council members know their feelings on this serious issue before final decisions are made.

Call (949) 497-7053 for more information.


Laguna Beach

Editor’s note: Karl Koski is a member of the Laguna Beach Taxpayers Assn.