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Design Review Letter

I live in a Mark Singer home at 28981 Top of the World Dr. located across the street from the project proposed by Mark Singer and Joe Kramer for 28911 Sommet du Monde (Variance 7616 and Design Review 09-022).  I would like to go On-Record that I am very much apposed to this Project.

I believe it is important to note that the Homes within the gated community (all but 2 at the south end) have “sunken foundations” which protect the view of the Ridgeline of not only the neighbors but of all residents of TOW which enjoy the overall Landscape as they take walks to enjoy this very special area of TOW. 

In addition, it is clear that Joe Kramer, as a Builder knew if he had originally asked this Board to approve such a Large Project when he first purchased the property, his chances of success were limited at best.  So the plan was clear, ask for approval of a much smaller single story project (which was approved) and then 2+ years later, initiate a request to more than “double” the size of this home as well as add a 3 car Garage.  To further contribute to the destruction of the site, it is also proposed that 2 large Tress be removed to enhance the view of the new property.  I would like the Board to understand that the removal of these trees would, in fact, improve my view, however, I am opposed to such action out of respect for the history of the area as well as for the sake of my neighbors.

It appears to me that the above combined with the fact he is building another home on an adjacent lot, as well as in preliminary discussions to purchase additional property in the immediate area for future projects, demonstrates that his plan has always been one of Business First, Community and Neighborhood second.


Although I do not begrudge him for attempting to seize this opportunity, I would be alarmed if this Board, whose purpose as I understand it is to Protect the Natural Compatibility of each community and always protect and preserve, would allow someone to expand in such a way, purely for Profit.  This is not a case of an individual home owner seeking to expand their dwelling but a clear case of a Builder seeking to maximize profit before moving on.

In my view, the approval to add a second story should be denied.  Based on a site visit to the area, I trust the Board would agree that the appropriate action would have been to build “under” the existing structure which would then align with the other homes on the Ridgeline.