In the Hawks murder trial Skylar Deleon received the death sentence (“Killer sentenced to die,” April 10).

This doesn’t mean a thing to me, as there are almost 700 inmates ahead of him on death row.

When was the last time California had an execution?

And then there are the bleeding-heart judges (state and federal) that will keep finding errors in the trial and thus causing constant delays.

And on top of this, assume Jerry Brown will be elected governor in 2010.

While he states he will carry out the law, he is adamantly against the death penalty.

In fact, on his last days in office he will probably commute all death sentences.

In the clearest case of logic, if we didn’t have the death penalty do you think one of the participants in the murder would be singing like a canary, hoping to get life without parole?

Deleon will die a natural death in prison of old age.


Newport Beach

Foie gras involves cruelty, is unhealthy

I read with interest your recent article (“Foie gras plate serves as cause celebre,” April 7)

Foie gras is a heinously cruel, unhealthy food that is too often consumed by an unsuspecting or uncaring public. Enormous amounts of food are force-fed to ducks and geese via funnels and long metallic tubes shoved deep down their throats. This process continues for several weeks, and these animals usually become quite ill prior to being slaughtered and having their expanded livers cut out for this awful dish.

The article does not address, however, the issue involving a variety of health risks posed when consuming foie gras.

Findings by University of Tennessee researchers in 2007 reveal that prions, or abnormal proteins, are transmitted upon the consumption of foie gras, placing the consumer in danger of contracting and exacerbating illnesses. These include diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and mad cow disease. This despicable gourmet delicacy is banned in 15 other countries, and it needs to be outlawed throughout the United States as well.


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