Artist creates portrait series of locals, celebrities

Last year, Sean Tiner said he started a mixed media portrait series that pushed his artwork in new directions.

“Historically, portraits were reserved for royalty and religious figures, but I want to continue the paradigm shift. Using strong color, abstract form and unique design, I try to capture the essence of a personality with each portrait," he said.

Tiner has completed portraits for several local Laguna citizens and celebrities, including Kobe Bryant, Pete Carroll, Bree Condon, Perez Hilton and Danny Fuller.

“I enjoy exploring various artistic media, including photography, mixed media and painting.


After spending four years at Brown on the East Coast, I returned with a renewed passion for our coastal community," he said. “My photographic work centers on the coastal lifestyle and includes images that I captured from Fiji, Oahu, Kona and Southern California."

"” Ashley Breeding