Jailed man, 41, attempts suicide

A Santa Ana man, who was arrested on warrants May 20, attempted to commit suicide in the city jail, police said.

Paramedics were called when the man was found unconscious. He was taken to South Coast Medical Center for treatment and evaluation.

Police had arrested the 41-year-old near restrooms in Heisler Park. He had an outstanding $10,000 warrant for possession of false information and was cited in Laguna for being drunk in public.


Police increasing presence on beach

The Police Department is gearing up for the influx of summer visitors by making its presence felt on a beach where alcohol and drug activity has occurred.

Two citations were issued for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and one for possession of alcohol on Memorial Day at Tablerock Beach.

On Sunday, police cited a 19-year-old Riverside man for the same violations at the same beach.


A patrolling officer found six young people in the sand near caves at the beach on Tuesday, and cited two of them for underage drinking.

“We are actively working some of the problem beaches in preparation for the summer," Police Sgt. Jason Kravetz said. “We are doing it to be proactive. Word spreads when officers are visible."

Colorado couple injured in accident on PCH

A Colorado couple was hit by a vehicle while crossing South Coast Highway at Agate Street, suffering minor injuries, police said.

A witness reported the couple was not in a crosswalk when they were hit.

Setrak Deyermentian, 28, of Orange, was cited for passing a vehicle stopped for pedestrians and having no insurance. He was released at the scene.

Police said a vehicle in the No. 2 northbound lane had stopped for the couple. Deyermentian did not stop and his side-view mirror clipped the male pedestrian, knocking him into his wife.

Phone scam involving millions reported


A Blue Lagoon resident reported receiving a telephone call advising her that she had won $3.5 million, but the male caller needed $300 to process the win. The caller later revised the winnings upward to $8 million and asked the woman to wire him the $300.

She called the police.

“This is the first report of this particular scam," Kravetz said. “If you have won this large an amount, no one is going to ask you for a handling fee. It would be a huge media event."

Resident spotting snakes throughout the city

Snakes are shaking off the winter doldrums and shaking up residents.

Police have received about a dozen calls from residents, not unexpected at this time of the year when the weather is warming up.

Rattlesnakes are being sighted throughout the city from Alta Laguna Boulevard to South Laguna and reported to Animal Control.

Officers snared a snake from a driveway in the 2700 block of Laguna Canyon Road. One baby rattler was taken into custody on Alpine Way. A dead rattler was picked up on Park Avenue.


One caller from South Laguna reported a 6-foot rattler in the backyard. An animal control officer found a 3-foot gopher snake.

Residents are advised to warn children away from the snakes and to take no action unless it is an emergency. Officers are equipped to handle the snakes if they don’t leave of their own accord.