Editorial: Against 'ObamaCare'

I am against ObamaCare and I don’t even know what the final bill will be. I am reminded of that commercial last year against gay marriage: “whether you like it or not.” This is being shoved down our throats.

I do not want anything passed in the dark of night without the chance to review it and see how it will affect me. You cannot believe any of the commercials, newscasters and certainly not our elected officials.

This is not an emergency. It will cost us trillions of dollars, and we should take some time and do it properly. The president was on a commercial saying how wonderful Medicare was and then saying that his new plan would not limit your coverage when you get sick. Medicare does have limits.

When you use up your benefits in a certain year you can use your “lifetime reserve days,” and after that you are not covered. You have idiot congressmen saying the “Republicans want you to die early,” and senators saying “the 1st Amendment does not protect you when you lie.”

This whole process has gotten completely out of hand. They all act like a bunch of sixth-graders that you left alone in a room for an hour with 100 pounds of candy. Calling each other names and being bullies.

If the politicians think that our quality of health care will not decline when the maximum payment to doctors and hospitals will be the current Medicare and Medicaid payments, they are delusional.

The politicians that are saying that this health-care plan will not cost taxpayers a lot are either trying to fool us or themselves. Trying to push this through as an emergency using the “weapons of mass health-care reform” tactic is not going to work. People need to know what the program means to them on a clinical and financial basis.

How can I tell my elected representatives how I feel when neither they, nor I, will be able to read the bill before it is voted on?

JUDITH BERRY is a Costa Mesa resident.

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