Powerful insurance companies don’t want to lose money, so they have organized a lying campaign to instill fear about Medicare benefits for our senior citizens.

You need to read the facts and study the information.

My father is 85 and was not a supporter of Medicare until after he was 65. Medicare has never denied him anything and without it, he would be penniless with all his health issues.

Ironically, he is not in favor of this same kind of public coverage for others, thanks to the great job Fox News has done lying about the issues and creating fear.

We have to do something, because if health and insurance costs continue to rise, the trust fund will be close to being depleted in a decade.

Where are the supporters of competition in the marketplace to bring down costs because these powerful insurance companies won’t cut their profits of more than 400% from 2000-08?

Medicare For All would be that competitor to help bring down the rising costs.

So now do you see why the private insurance companies are spending a great deal of money trying to defeat this by lying and scaring you?

My 28-year-old daughter can’t afford maternity insurance because it’s extra, and I want to be a grandparent.

Where are all the Christian supporters of the moral imperative to take care of our nation’s people?

Didn’t Jesus teach followers to take care of the sick? How civilized are we when we are the only industrialized nation that doesn’t provide health care to its citizens?

What’s wrong with Medicare for all ages and reforming it to include wellness and prevention, which has been proven to cut costs in all other countries?

Again, I say . . . Medicare For All. It’s done much better than private insurance companies because it’s not out for 400% profit; but, if you like yours, you’ll get to keep it under the new reforms.

So come on, fellow citizens, have some compassion for those who are in need of health care and stop listening to the fear mongers who are protecting the private insurance companies and their profits. Join the civilized world.



Health care not just for the wealthy

It’s time for our government to take care of its own. Seems we can put out billions in aid for other countries, so why can’t we take care of our own citizens?

President Obama is doing the right thing. I trust him and the decisions he has made. I am a 70-year-old woman. I can pretty well take care of myself, but there are millions in this country who can’t.

The drug and health insurance companies are making it impossible. Pass the bill, Congress. Pass the bill.

What’s it going to take? Aren’t the chief executives rich enough? They are allowed to do this to all of us with no oversight and all the deals they make . . . it’s disgusting.

Pass the bill.



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