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City Council Wrap-Up

The following is from the Laguna Beach City Council meeting of Oct. 20.

Committee appointments

Three incumbents were reappointed to the Design Review Board/Board of Adjustment. Caren Liuzzi and Michael Wilkes were appointed to two-year terms to begin Feb. 1 and end Jan. 31, 2012.

Chairman Pro Tem Kenneth Sadler was reappointed as the alternate, a one-year term to end Jan. 31, 2011.


Research has been undertaken to determine if an alternate can serve as chair.


No new faces on the board.

Fee modifications


The council approved unanimously a modification to the use and occupancy fee for buildings when an on-site inspection for zoning and building compliance is not conducted.


The fee for inspected properties will remain $315, but the fee for uninspected properties will drop to $75.

Beach, park uses codified

The council unanimously passed another amendment to the Laguna Beach Municipal Code concerning conduct on city beaches and at parks.


The amendment will be effective Nov. 19, 30 days after the approval.

It prohibits anyone from attaching ropes, wires, cords, stakes, poles or hooks to any public buildings or structures, including railings, tables, drinking fountains, barbecues or trash containers in the parks or on beaches. No personal property can be stowed on the beaches.


Violators must be warned and caught repeating the violation before a citation can be issued.

ACT V smoking prohibited

A new ordinance was passed unanimously prohibiting smoking at the ACT V parking lot, although the city manager has the power to designate smoking areas.

Councilwoman Verna Rollinger opined at the first reading that she would prefer a designated area rather than having people roaming around the parking lot looking for a place to light up. The fear is fire.


The ordinance goes into effect Nov. 19, 30 days after the approval date.

Changes proposed in design/development

Development Department Director John Montgomery introduced an ordinance that amends the Municipal Code and the Local Coastal Program regarding grading, development subject to design review, hearing notices, the gross floor area definition, nonconforming lots and does away with variances for legal nonconforming portions of a structure. The council approved the ordinance 5 to 0.



A second reading is required for approval of the changes.

Prescription discount card analysis

The National League of Cities is offering a program that claims to save about 20% on the price of prescriptions at no cost to the city.

City Manager Frank informed the council that he had consulted with pharmacy owner Sheila Bushard, who told him most of her customers are insured and she would not expect the card to be widely used.

Bushard also told Frank that the mark-up on the prescription drugs is so minimal a little less revenue would not make a big difference.

Frank contacted cities that have begun the program and so far there has been little use of the discount card.

The council voted 5 to 0 to have a report come back to the council in a year.


Frank will analyze the participation level in cities that opt for the program and report his findings next year.

Eliminating Heisler Park barbecues

When Heisler Park was renovated, the city installed seven permanent barbecues, making a total of 12.

Two were installed above Picnic Beach, close to Cliff Drive. Neighbors have complained that ocean breezes blow smoke from the barbecues into their homes.

Mayor Kelly Boyd asked the council to approve removal of the barbecues, which the council did on a 5-0 vote, with a caveat.


The two offending barbecues are to be relocated if possible, otherwise removed.

Art contest approved for Thalia

Councilwoman Jane Egly resurrected the Thalia Street mural project at the request of Bruce Hopping, who has funded art on the retaining wall over the years as a memorial to Laguna Beach young people who died while still in school. No permits have ever been applied for or approved for the mural.

The council voted 5 to 0 to refer the project to the Arts Commission as a youth project.


The Arts Commission will be asked to create a competition for young artists of high school age for an art work that would have a life span of five years, because the wall could be damaged when the stairs to the beach are repaired in five or six years.

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