When are things going to return to normal?

Submitted by Larry Weichman,
real estate broker

The question on everyone’s lips is, “When are things going to return to normal in real estate?”  Well, if the “normal” being referred to is the conditions and shady financial dealings that created the artificially inflated markets of five years ago, then we need to be thinking about redefining “normal.”

The bad lending practices of the past are indeed making it more difficult now to secure financing, but try to understand that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Those days of lower standards and easy money led us into this predicament in the first place.  It’s good for housing and for the economy when banks become interested in whether loans will be repaid.

In the “new” normal, home prices will stabilize, the number of sales will start gaining, and more people will again realize the benefits that homeownership offers, for both personal and financial security.  With historically low interest rates, affordable prices, government incentives, and motivated sellers, the housing market is already experiencing the initial signs of recovery.

All of these factors combine to get first-time buyers excited about a purchase.  As these consumers enter the market, they will trigger other purchases, and the chain of transactions grows.  Expect your real estate representative to reveal a wide range of affordable choices and guide you toward securing the financing you need to make your dream come true.

Larry Weichman is President/ Broker for Costa Mesa based Weichman Realtors. His company has served Costa Mesa since 1976.  Larry has over 15 years of experience in Bank Repos and Short Sales and non foreclosed real estate, his clients include General Electric Mortgage, Home Savings, Associates Finance, Transamerica. Current clients include Bank of America, Ocwen Financial Corporation, Countrywide and Keystone Asset Management to name a few. He has sold real estate since 1976 and is a 3rd generation Real Estate Broker. Larry has closed escrow on over 1,100 properties; from townhomes to commercial buildings. Please be sure to visit us on the Internet at www.TeamWeichman.com  or www.OCRepoBroker.com he can be reached at 714-241-4532.

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