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Mailbag: Mr. Frank, a beach curfew is not needed

In defending the upcoming beach/park curfew, Dick Cheney "” oops, I mean [City Manager] Ken Frank "” cites some 50 incidents in 2009 involving police responses to various beaches, Heisler Park, etc.

I’d imagine most if not all were directly or indirectly related to our homeless/transient situation.

I’d also wager that since the creation of the shelter and enforcement of anti-camping and alcohol ordinances these incidents have been drastically reduced if not eliminated altogether. How about posting them in the local papers for all to see?

We have had few incidents of any note regarding late night trouble as long as I’ve lived here, be it summer or any other time of year.


Any curfew imposed will have no effect on tourists, as they will not be aware of the ordinance.

Basic police patrols (which should have been in place already prior to the American Civil Liberties Union suit) and common sense awareness by citizens and neighbors are all we need to contain any late night mischief on our beaches and in our parks.

Maybe we should organize a massive late night beach walk to demonstrate civil disobedience (and maybe Verna Rollinger, the only council member with the guts to stand up to Cheney/Frank could join us!)

Meanwhile, I suggest the only curfew we need is a permanent one on Frank.



Laguna Beach

City is being trashed

It’s sad to see our streets and sidewalks littered with empty food and drink containers and wrappers.

So, with this letter I challenge all Laguna Beach coffee houses to show their civic responsibility by hanging up signs by their cash registers that read: “Takeout Customers "” Please dispose of your empty food and drink containers in a responsible manner. Thank you."


Laguna Beach

Homeless more offensive than fence


Some residents have managed to express their indignation regarding the white picket fence around the Public Library. It was offensive to their sight.

I find it more offensive to see vagrants defecating and urinating on the property.

I was really offended when I found a vagrant sitting in my car in the library parking lot. It took a week to get the smell removed.

This town is going to be killed with kindness toward the vagrants, bums and petty criminals who are taking over Laguna Beach.

We have creeping social blight.

That’s what offends me, and I think a majority of residents.


Laguna Beach


With love to my senior daughter

A letter to my beautiful, wonderful, exceptionally bright teenage daughter who is a senior this year:

Will you pick a night this week so that you and I can go to dinner...and talk..

...and laugh...together. No more excuses.

It has been so long, since we’ve talked.

I miss you so much.

I know you have essays to write, and college apps to submit.

I’m sure you have a party to attend, or an event that can’t be missed.

I just want a couple of hours to spend with you.

Just you and I.

It’s been so long.

I’m not mad at you, nor am I going to lecture.

I will not regale you with tales from the past or present.

I won’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.

I’ll make no recommendations, and I’ll offer no suggestions.

I just want to look at you and be with you.

I just want to enjoy the moments and let you be.

It’s been so long.

Time goes so fast. So, please tell me anything you want.

I promise, I’ll not judge and I’ll not criticize.

I’ll not make excuses, or give you reasons.

I’ll not blame.

I bear full responsibility for your pain and heartache you will carry with you.

I would give anything to take it away.

But I know you,

and you are more than capable.

You are stronger than strong.

Your knowledge is deep.

Your reason is sound.

May your journey be safe, may you always stay strong.

Keep your eyes open, for your road is long.

Don’t be afraid of the stones and rocks in your path, for surely you will fall.

Let the tears be shed, so the angels will hear you.

Pick yourself up with confidence and grace,

dust off the darkness, step back in the light.

Your knowledge is deep. Your reason is sound.

You are a beautiful child and I am so proud to have you as my daughter.