Storms leave their mark in Laguna

Sheets of rain, mud flows and high winds caused a few mishaps over a week of back-to-back storms that will continue today.

No major incidents were reported from the series of storms, which included a tornado warning Tuesday. A tornado didn’t materialize in Laguna, but one catapulted a catamaran into the air in Huntington Harbor.

A large eucalyptus tree fell onto South Coast Highway near the Montage Resort Tuesday and was quickly cleared away by a cutting crew.

Children at Anneliese’s School on Laguna Canyon Road were evacuated Tuesday as a bridge began to overflow and school was called off for the rest of the week, police said. Also on the canyon road, employees of the city animal shelter closed up shop as rain filled the creek bed, but no animals were in harm’s way.

A small landslide was cleaned up Wednesday evening in the 700 block of Laguna Canyon Road, police Lt. Jason Kravetz said.

“A hillside, which has already been secured with fencing by Caltrans, gave way and there was a considerable amount of rocks and mud which came out into the two westbound lanes of Laguna Canyon Road,” he said. “Caltrans was already on scene and quickly cleaned up the debris.” One lane will remain closed until the rain subsides.

Mud caused concern in north and south Laguna, and the city called in special equipment to clear the mess. One resident reported a trampoline lifted into the air and slammed down into a neighbor’s yard.

Residents may pick up sand bags at City Hall to shore up their properties.

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