Sounding Off: Siggy Johnson remembered

Many of her friends feel a great loss. Sieglinde Johnson died Jan. 9. She will be remembered for her dedicated support of the things in which she believed.

She was a great supporter of her husband, Carl, while he was on the City Council. During that period things were done that changed Laguna in dramatic, positive ways. Crescent Bay Park was purchased. Main Beach Park was created as our gateway to the Pacific. The people of Laguna, with the encouragement of the council and people like Siggy Johnson, adopted the 36-foot height limit. Siggy was one of those who could look ahead, and see a Laguna with hotels built all along our waterfront if action was not taken.

Since Carl’s death she remained active in promoting a people-friendly village respectful of natural resources and natural treasures.

She did careful research, and got accurate information before she made a decision whether to support issues. This was true of the proposed Marine Reserve, which she studied thoroughly before supporting the council’s position.


If all people were as devoted to clean elections and clean government as Siggy was, we wouldn’t worry so much about dangers to our democratic system. I have on my wall now a little sign that reads, “Take control of Politics: Clean Money: Fair Elections."

Siggy was part of the committee that wrote suggested legislation for campaign finance reform for Laguna years ago. It was adopted, but more recently was gutted by another city council. Perhaps, as a tribute to Siggy, could we reinstate it?

Siggy was a good friend. She was loved and respected be many who mourn her passing. It is a hard thing to lose a good friend.

JEAN RAUN lives in Laguna Beach.