An Ironman orthodontist

Few Laguna Beach residents have succeeded in completing an Ironman competition. One Laguna Beach orthodontist has.

Dr. Peter Kimball, 45, is an avid athlete who ran in 16 marathons and recently completed the Oceanside half Ironman.

“Crossing the finish line of an Ironman gives you such a sense of gratification,” Kimball said. “And a sense of accomplishment, you know, because that takes all of your effort for 12 hours and all of your mental capacity, so when you cross the finish line, they tell you, say, ‘Peter Kimball, you are an Ironman.’ That’s a great feeling.”

Kimball, who lives in Laguna Beach, is his father’s third son out of seven. He said he partly got into orthodontia because his father was an orthodontist.


“When I got interested in the business, I made retainers for my father growing up,” Kimball said. “So that’s how I got interested in orthodontistry.”

He’s also ahead in the technological field of orthodontics. He self-taught himself to write an orthodontic practice management program called OrthoEase.

His software runs through his office, from the check-in computer in the entrance to the iMacs in front of the patients’ chairs.

“It does all the scheduling and financials, treatment planning, everything to completely run an orthodontic practice,” Kimball said. “And I actually sell it to orthodontists all over the world.”


Kimball’s orthodontic practice also rewards patients with special coins for taking care of their teeth. Each coin represents 25 cents. People who properly treat their teeth can exchange their coins for a gift card of equal value.

“So we give these coins if they’ve brushed their teeth properly and if they’ve got good oral hygiene, if they are to their appointment on time, if they don’t have any broken braces and that sort of thing,” Kimball said. “We reward our patients for being good patients.”

Kimball also offers plenty of the latest new options for orthodontic treatment. For instance, he gives his patients the Damon system of braces, which he says is more comfortable and takes less time for him to treat people.

He can also treat people with Invisalign, which straightens teeth using a series of clear aligners that are switched out every two weeks.

Kimball has practiced orthodontics for 10 years in Laguna Niguel. He now has a second office in Laguna Beach and he said he hopes to grow his practice.

“I just want to let people know that I’m here in this community,” Kimball said. “I want to grow the practice, have more patients and give people bigger smiles.”