May Crowning At St. Joachim School

St. Joachim School celebrated its traditional May Crowning last Friday, May 7th, just before Mother's Day.

In a beautifully arranged little ceremony children of the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes walked down the aisle of St. Joachim church and laid down flowers at the statue of the Virgin Mary. Their little procession ended at the front pews of the church, where they sat down and started singing. The church magically filled with all their pure little voices singing the song "Immaculate Mary", which was followed by the "The Hail Mary". Father Steve ended the ceremony by blessing the children and their families before the children solemnly left the church in pairs.

Each year May Crowning is a greatly anticipated event at St. Joachim and the children as well as their parents are fervently looking forward to this special day. Even parishioners and parents of older students at St. Joachim come by and enjoy watching the youngest members of St. Joachim School perform this ritual. “I have already children in high school, but if I have time I always try to come by. I love to watch the May Crowing with the little ones. They are just so adorable”, one parishioner tells a St. Joachim mom after the ceremony.

May Crowning is a traditional Roman Catholic Ritual that occurs in the month of May of every year and celebrates the Virgin Mary. A number of traditions link the month of May to Mary and many cultures in fact dedicate the this month to Mary.

More information on the school is available at (949) 574-7411 or online at . St. Joachim Parish School is a private Catholic school located at 1964 Orange Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

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