Partial finger loss leads to civil suit

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A woman whose finger was partially ripped off in a Corona del Mar State Beach restroom stall is suing Newport Beach, claiming that the city is partly responsible for the 2008 injury.

Marlene Elaine Olson is seeking an unspecified amount of money — at least $25,000 — from the city and two companies that manufactured and installed the public bathroom stalls at the beach, according to a civil suit filed May 13.

On Nov. 15, 2008, Olson used the restroom at the state beach off Iris Avenue and Ocean Boulevard. When she moved to close the stall door, the end of her left-hand finger was pinned to another stall door that collided with it, breaking the finger and "causing the tip to partially rip off," the lawsuit states.

Because of the way the stalls are set up inside the women's restroom, the nearby stall's door opens at an angle perpendicular to the door Olson moved, according to the suit.

Olson is suing the door manufacturer, Partition Systems Inc., the company that installed the doors; Weeger Bros. Inc.; and Newport Beach.

She claims that the city failed to properly ensure that the stalls on public property were safe for use.

Olson is seeking money for general damages, wage losses and personal injury, among other reasons.

Newport Beach and the other defendants have yet to file a response to the suit.

— Joseph Serna

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