Rizzo's home hit by vandals

Neighbors of former Bell City Administrator Robert Rizzo awoke Monday to find his Huntington Beach home marked by vandals.

They spray-painted the sidewalk in front of the house and strung rolls of toilet paper across wooden beams and palm trees. There were also piles of toilet paper in the frontyard and on the patio.

"I guess he now qualifies as a nightmare neighbor," said Mike O'Brien, who lives next door. "This looks like it's going to be a pain the neck for somebody to clean up."

A spokesman from the Huntington Beach Police Department said it had not yet received complaints and was not yet investigating the incident, but graffiti on city sidewalks is usually documented by the police and eventually cleaned by city crews.

Taggers sprayed three fluorescent pink Xs in front of the home. Their symbolism was unclear and it was also unknown if they were left by the same pranksters who toilet-papered the house.

A news crew had descended on the beige, two-story home by late morning, drawing a few gawkers. At least one driver honked in approval.

Rizzo, who is out on bail while facing public-corruption charges, has not been seen at the home in recent days. He did not appear to be home Monday morning.

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