1 old, 2 new for City Council

Fountain Valley voted in two political newcomers along with the City Council's 20-year veteran for the three open spots on the council.

Councilman John Collins, insurance broker Mark McCurdy and businessman Michael Vo took the lead in a field of 10 candidates in the race for Fountain Valley City Council.

Collins led with more than 6,000 votes, McCurdy trailed with nearly 5,000 and Vo came in third with about 4,400.

Collins said he feels his reelection shows the residents appreciate what he has done with his time on council.

"It's rewarding," he said of winning. "It's very difficult to describe, actually."

On election night, Mayor Pro Tem Cheryl Brothers appeared headed for reelection, but Vo jumped ahead with 164 votes.

The three are leading in votes against incumbent Guy Carrozzo, Jim Pull, who is unemployed, Patrick Tucker, a sales and operations manager, Duy Nguyen, a small-business owner, Frank Evan Perdicaro, who is unemployed, and Steve Schultz, a Fountain Valley High School teacher.

Collins said he spent election night glued in front of the computer with his wife watching the votes being tallied. He said he felt good about taking the early lead, but wasn't confident in his reelection until all the precincts were counted.

"I felt very good that I was in front, but I wasn't confident that I would win," he said.

McCurdy and Vo couldn't be immediately reached Wednesday.

In the city of about 55,000 residents, the budget and economic development dominated the issues facing the council candidates, according to a questionnaire submitted to the Independent early in the election.

Candidates pointed out the importance of attracting and maintaining businesses and bringing in additional revenues to city coffers.

With his place secured on the council, Collins said he is looking forward to working on creating fiscal stability for the residents and for the city.

The task will be a challenge for the council, but Collins said it is one of the things he believes he can do.

One of the other changes will be working with the two political newcomers. Collins said they both have "business ideals," and he will just have to wait and see how it works out.

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