Mailbag: Using the gavel to stir the pot

Re. "Costa Mesa mayor named; some upset" (Dec. 7): I am so disappointed in what I saw with our new council Tuesday night. I'm disappointed in Councilman Gary Monahan, who appears to be selling out. No emotion, no answer for the complaining citizens at the council meeting; just robotic, blank stares with no independent thought (something Councilman Eric Bever has mastered). What happened to Costa Mesa?

Truthbeknown, via

Here are your new City Council members, and they deserve a chance. If you don't like it, get your butt off the couch and vote! Council members Wendy Leece, Katrina Foley and Gary Monahan made the hole deeper when they approved the association contracts. With everything cut to the bone, who knows where the city will make up the shortfall? I hope this decision doesn't cost the city their animal control services, and what's left of the police helicopter program. It will definitely be interesting to watch. Good Luck Katrina Foley. Glad to see you go!

Donnyboyincm, via

Peninsula tree lighting

Since when is a Christmas tree on property allowed? And most important of all, who is footing the bill for this? Hopefully, not me. Fashion Island, South Coast, etc., are not on public property. No problem with that.

Rhoda Friedman

Newport Beach

Mansoor heads to the Assembly

Re. "Community Commentary: Mansoor says farewell as mayor," Dec. 3: How anyone can believe we are better off now then we were eight years ago is beyond me. I am confused. Do some people actually believe our mayor had anything to do with the crime rate changing? So we don't want to give the police the credit for that but instead think that because you put an ICE officer in the jail and went on television to make some ridiculous proclamation about being a "Rule of Law" city that made a real difference? What a joke that whole proclamation was. Still not sure how that has helped Costa Mesa. So long, Allan. You won't be missed.

Mesa Athletics Dad, via

Good luck in Sacramento, Mr. Mansoor. A lot of us in Costa Mesa really appreciate your service to the city.

Donnyboyincm, via

Thanks for cleaning up Costa Mesa. Those who would call you racist are just blind themselves. I am Hispanic, live in Costa Mesa and know Mansoor only as an acquaintance. Good luck in the future! And I hope our current council stays the path!

Jammers, via

An unsightly act in Costa Mesa

I have lived in Costa Mesa for over 30 years, and this weekend showed me what we have come to. While driving down Fairview by the college next to the baseball field, there standing facing the field, were three kids ages 8 to 10 with their parents urinating on Fairview. This all happened as people were driving by. I honked and all the parents did was start laughing and walking off. I hope that they read this and try to be civilized.

Ron Green

Costa Mesa

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