David Allen Hughes

December 15, 1944 - August 19, 2009

O, land ho!
by Anthony Xavier Hughes II
The sands of ancient sailors
on lands that sing through dawn
on mast we stand to see her
and we hear the silver song
an isle undiscovered
unchartered maps and seas
pray that gales seek elsewhere
                                                                                 and red morn’ falls dead at sea
                                                                                 O, land ho! We’ve found dark witness
                                                                                 with eyes of treasure, silk and gold
                                                                                 pour out pouches of silver
                                                                                 give me tales still kept untold
                                                                                 the mists slowly
                                                                                 cast round us so,
                                                                                 in moments too soon
                                                                                 along came a foolish ship!
                                                                                 “ship ship ship!
                                                                                 climb on board!
                                                                                 ship ship ship!
                                                                                 ain’t going home!”

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