Eight apply for Foley's council seat

COSTA MESA — City commissioners, a former councilwoman and a grandmother of 14 are among the eight people who have turned in applications to replace outgoing Councilwoman Katrina Foley on the City Council.

Parks and Recreation Commissioner Mike Brumbaugh was the first to turn in his application for the two-year appointment to be made by the council. He has been on the commission for four years.

"I want to be on the front-line team working to make Costa Mesa the best city in California," he wrote in his application. "Costa Mesa is my home, and I am dedicated to being part of the solution. My community experience will benefit the council and help in uniting this city to work in a positive direction."

Planning Commissioners Sam Clark and Steve Mensinger, who had previously announced their interest, also applied.

In addition to his application, Clark, a former council candidate, submitted a letter highlighting his time and service in the city since moving to Costa Mesa in 1986.

"I bring a discerning mind and a skill at finding the middle ground," he wrote. "I believe there is a right answer if we can persist in finding it. One that meets the needs of all the citizens we serve."

Parks Commissioner Jeff Mathews attached to his application a detailed overview of the issues facing the city, as well as his experience and education, including a law degree, to help solve those problems.

In June, Mathews was elected to the Orange County Republican Party Central Committee, serving the 68th Assembly District.

"I was elected with over 11,000 votes — the fifth-highest out of the 13 candidate running (for six open seats)," he wrote in his letter. "Many of those votes were from residents of Costa Mesa that believed in my message of low taxes, limited government and fiscal responsibility. I pledge to remain true to those beliefs, and as a council member for our city, I will pledge to adhere to these principles in all facets of my service."

Former Costa Mesa Councilwoman Heather Somers is also among the candidates interested in the two-year appointment position.

"I feel I have the knowledge, skills accomplishments to serve the city through a very difficult period," Somers wrote in her application.

Somers said her past experience on the council qualify her to serve again.

Former City Council candidate and Westside resident Chris McEvoy's application was short and to the point. He was the third-highest vote-getter in the Nov. 2 election.

"I further believe as an applicant for this vacancy I truly represent far more of our community than any other applicant can even attempt to claim," he wrote. "My vote count during this past election, although not high enough to get me elected, does send a clear message that the vision I have for our city is legitimately shared amongst many in our community and ask that my vote count is taken into consideration for my appointment."

Automobile Club of Southern California attorney Timothy Sesler also submitted an application.

"Costa Mesa is our home," he wrote. "We know the community well. I am proud of this city, am invested in it, and want to contribute my time and talent to continue to make it a great place to call home, and to hopefully make it an even better place for both businesses and residents to call home."

Retired property manager Margaret Shillington, who raised seven children, five of whom live in the city, listed her professional experience for the past 20 years. The grandmother of 14, with eight attending Costa Mesa schools, said she will be thorough before making decisions, in her application.

"I would love to be part of this council, which is working to make Costa Mesa the city to work, live and raise a family," she wrote. "It would be an honor and a privilege to work with you as a member of the City Council of Costa Mesa."

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