To avoid solitictors knocking, residents must register again

Homeowners who would like to avoid having solicitors knock on their front door are advised to re-register in Newport Beach's "Do Not Solicit" list this January.

Due to the 1st Amendment, the city must ask residents to renew their registration each year.

The citywide ordinance, which was made official in May, requires commercial salesmen to register and inspect the Do Not Solicit list when canvassing Newport's streets. Residents also are encouraged to place Do Not Solicit signs on their front lawns, in case that the solicitor has not consulted the list.

According Newport Beach's interpretation of the 1st Amendment, California law dictates that solicitors do not bother anyone who posts anti-solicitation signs.

The Pilot talked to Councilwoman Nancy Gardner in July about the issue, which she felt personally connected to. Late one night Gardner received a visit from a salesman. When asked to leave, he was angry and shouted expletives at her. Gardner feels that the Do Not Solicit ordinance is especially important for single women and people living alone.

There are 589 residents on the list.

To register, visit Commercial solicitors can consult the city's FAQ page regarding the specifics of the ordinance.

Joanna Clay

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