Election 2012: Another hat in the ring

Steven Dicterow, who previously served three terms on the City Council, announced Wednesday that he will run for reelection in 2012.

He said he is running because he sees a shift in city policy from his core beliefs.

"When I was first elected I had a personal agenda — public safety, fiscal responsibility, doing more for kids and art — which was largely accomplished in my first two years on the council," Dicterow said. "I spent the next five years making sure my agenda was carried out.

"I see the city drifting away from what my agenda was, and I think it is important."

Dicterow last served on the council in 2006, and he juggled city business and family obligations with a demanding career. He has served on the Festival of Arts' board of directors in the interim.

However, a change in his professional life will allow him to devote more time now to community issues, he said.

"I will be in the city all of the time now," Dicterow said.

If the demands on his time have changed, his reasons for running have not.

"The first purpose of government is public safety," Dicterow said. "I want to make sure that emergency services are adequate."

That was the foundation of his platform every time he ran in previous years.

"I am a boring guy — I care about infrastructure," he said. "Others have sexier issues, but I want [people] to be able to drive on city streets safely."

He has the backing of his wife, Catrina, even more than when he ran before.

"She thinks it is good for the town, and she is 100% behind me," Dicterow said.


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