Reality TV star's store vandalized

COSTA MESA — Signs outside the Rags to Riches store run by reality TV "mogul" Dave Hester have been defaced.

Black letters across the red and white consignment store's sign read "," and a sign announcing the store's move to Orange was pasted over with a sign reading "Newport con gallery has moved. For more information, go to"

The website urges people not to do business with the TV star.

Hester, who stars on A&E's "Storage Wars," ran the thrift store at 1941 Newport Blvd. until about a month ago, when the business moved to Orange.

Reached at his location in Orange, Hester said he was unaware of the defaced signs but was not going to take them down, saying it was up to the discretion of the next owner.

The move to Orange was because of "personal matters," he said.

Brad Meadows, who works at a home-finding service near the Costa Mesa location, was surprised by the move.

"It was a popular place," Meadows said, adding that Hester's large lot was often so full customers would park outside his workplace.

On Wednesday, a customer looking for the store came by to check out merchandise.

"I just looked up the address and came to see a piano they had," Kamran Meshkani said.

A surf shop is set to open up in the Costa Mesa location around Christmas time, according to Ron Voekestein who is working on the remodeling of the building.

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