Aliso Viejo City Council Meeting Wrap-Up

The following is from Wednesday's Aliso Viejo City Council meeting.


New mayor, mayor pro tem named

Donald Garcia was appointed the new mayor of Aliso Viejo, and Bill Phillips was chosen as mayor pro tem.

Both won in a 4-1 vote, with Councilman Greg Ficke as the sole dissenting vote.

This is the second time Garcia has been mayor. He last served in 2009. Phillips also served as mayor in 2004 and 2008.

Mayor Carmen Cave will continue to represent the city until the new year. Garcia and Phillips will assume their positions at the Jan. 4 meeting.


CUSD's plan for CNG facility approved

The council approved the Capistrano Unified School District's plan for a compressed natural gas (CNG) facility at 2B Liberty.

Temple Beth El had asked the council and the district to reconsider the original plan, which had the facility closer to the temple, due to concerns about potential hazards associated with CNG.

The CNG facility will now be located at the southeastern portion of CUSD's transportation center, which is the farthest point from the temple.

"As a result, approval of the application will not create conditions materially detrimental to public health, safety, and general welfare or injurious to or incompatible with other properties or land uses in the vicinity," the staff report reads.

Phillips showed concern about more CNG buses being added as they become more common, and the possibility of constant busing back and forth for refueling.

A representative for the district responded that the yard is at capacity and if any CNG buses were added, they would be replacing existing diesel buses. There is no plan to add additional equipment, he said, because there is no room.

The station is a slow-fill station, which means buses will fuel overnight. They won't be able to just drive up and fuel, he said.

Cave asked if there was the possibility of eventually creating a fuel station for the public at the center. CUSD said it is possible, but it would require a fast fueling station.

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