Councilwoman appeals senior center vote

Concerned with whether a lost raptor habitat would be properly mitigated when the Huntington Beach Senior Center is built, Councilwoman Connie Boardman appealed an environmental review and a permit for the proposed center.

The Planning Commission approved the environmental impact report in January.

Boardman sited two main reasons for the appeal, which was filed Jan. 31 with the city clerk's office: inconsistencies between the Huntington Central Park Sports Complex's and the senior center's environmental impact reports, and concerns that the map listed for the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center doesn't correspond with the facts on the ground.

Seven acres of non-native grace area were allocated on Ellis Avenue as a mitigating measure to make up for lost raptor habitat when the sports complex was built, Boardman said.

She's now concerned that the same area is being allocated to mitigate raptor habitat that would be lost where the senior center is getting built. The sports complex sits across the street from where the senior center would be built.

"You can't double-dip with mitigation," Boardman said.

The equestrian center leases 25 acres from the city, but Boardman said she's heard concerns that the center is using more than 25 acres.

The senior center is one of the most important issues in the city, Boardman said.

"This has been an issue that has raised a lot of concern and discussions in the community, and I thought it deserves council attention," she said.

Senior Planner Jennifer Villasenor said the sports complex did not need mitigating measures, so there is no overlapping in that area.

"That's not what I recall," Boardman said. "That's one reason to take it up to the council."

Villasenor said Boardman's appeal has not been reviewed yet. Once reviewed by staff, it will be presented to the council for a discussion and a vote.

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