Laguna man's TV show helps engaged couple

A case of cold feet can be common before walking down the aisle.

But Steve Arterburn of Laguna Beach's New Life Ministries thinks there might be more to a bride or groom's hesitation, which he explores in his new reality-TV show, "Last Dates Before I Do," that aired its pilot Feb. 10 on Country Music Television (CMT).

Arterburn, 58, is the host of the No.1 nationally syndicated Christian talk show "New Life Live!" and has counseled couples for more than 20 years.

While writing his upcoming book, "Is This The One?" Arterburn came up with the idea for "Last Dates."

The premise of the show, which Arterburn hosts, is to allow couples who are intending to marry to go on five dates each with other people. Their last date can either be a second date with someone from the previous four dates or a new person.

CMT accepted the pilot episode, which garnered nearly 1 million viewers.

The first episode followed Evan and Catherine, a soon-to-be married couple. The dates led to realizations about themselves as individuals and as a couple.

Evan, 24, admitted on one of his dates that he hadn't dated very much. He also realized much of his life centered around his fiancée.

Catherine, 22, told one of her dates that she was 110% ready to marry Evan, but the date told her she was too young.

At the end of the show, the couple decided to get married anyway.

"They dated other people, and it really changed their lives," Arterburn said. "They're now married and happy, and life is good for them."

Arterburn learned Tuesday the show isn't going to continue on CMT. However, he plans to pitch it to other networks.

"I've never given up on anything if there's a little bump in the road," the Laguna Beach resident said. "This is my first try at mainstream TV, so I'll stay after it."

Arterburn's book will be available in April online, in bookstores and at

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