Candidate votes 'yes' on development

Tim Ryan counts himself a friend of development.

Since his appointment to the Huntington Beach Planning Commission, the City Council candidate has not voted against a single project.

"I didn't vote no on anything," said Ryan, a consumer attorney who works in Huntington Beach. "The interesting thing is, these projects, they've been vetted to death. You have so many regulations out there."

Ryan, who led all candidates in fundraising at the end of June, said he deeply cares about Huntington Beach — a community that has offered him a good life — and wants the chance to give back.

"Advisors tell me, you have to line up with a slate: the right or the left," he said. "I decided I'm going to take a chance and run as an independent, and I want to bridge the gap between the right and the left and take out partisanship."

Ryan has been endorsed by Councilman Joe Carchio who appointed him to the Planning Commission, former Mayor Peter Green and state Sen. Lou Correa, among others.

"He's done an excellent job for me as a planning commissioner, and he's well-versed on community issues," Carchio said. "He's quite intelligent. He has a law degree, so he understands municipality and municipal law. And overall, he's a really good guy."

Ryan's No. 1 concern is to help businesses thrive and attract high-quality projects and companies that stay in the city.

To do that, he said, the permitting processes must be streamlined to make it easier for businesses to reach their goals.

For example, he said, some restaurants want outside dining or the ability to provide entertainment.

Raised in Chicago in a large family, Ryan said he came to California in 1978 to attend Southwestern Law School.

This year, he had his own brush with the law when he was arrested in January on suspicion of drunk driving. The case is still pending in court, and the next hearing is scheduled Nov. 8, after the election.

Ryan said he regrets getting in the car after drinking.

"It was a mistake that I put myself in that position," he said. "I wish it never happened. It was a mistake."

He has, however, been advised by counsel not to speak about details regarding the case.

He also added that he's never gotten in that kind of trouble and does not have a drinking problem.

Ryan said he enjoys living in Surf City and wants it to prosper. To him, that means no more cuts or layoffs at City Hall.

He opposes Measure Z, which seeks to repeal the collection of a penny and a half per $100 of assessed property value. The money goes toward paying portions of public safety employee pensions.

"I don't like it, and I'm not afraid to take the position on that," he said. "It's going to take $4.2 million out of the budget. Our budget, right now, is extremely strapped, and, at this juncture, to take $4.2 million, to create that hole, it just doesn't make any sense."

Ryan was also against the legalization of state-approved safe-and-sane fireworks and said it increases the usage of illegal ones.

"If it comes before me, I'll vote against it," he said.

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