First baby of 2013 makes an early premiere

Adrianne Wingo and her family were settling down Sunday night to see what was on Netflix when something happened.

"We were at home about to watch a movie, and I felt my water break," she said.

That made her husband, Trung Nguyen, understandably nervous. The two Irvine residents knew their baby was on the way. They had just had a baby shower Saturday, but nobody could've guessed their child would start coming the day after it.

"She said, 'Something's leaking,'" Nguyen recalled. "I started eating nervously. I had food out and I didn't know what to do."

They consulted "Dr. Google" then headed to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, where Wingo was admitted about 10 p.m. Sunday.

About 30 hours later, at 4:30 a.m. New Year's Day, Dr. Charles Moniak delivered Hoag's first baby of 2013: Liam Humphrey Nguyen.

Liam, whose name is a shortened version of Wingo's grandfather's name, William, was resting quietly later that afternoon at Hoag in a room overlooking the ocean.

Liam is Wingo's third child. Her others, ages 11 and 2, have birthdays around holidays as well.

He was born about five weeks early, but aside from changing his parents' New Year's plans, the timing worked out well in at least one respect: Wingo's parents, who were visiting for the holidays, "got lucky," Wingo said. They got to be there for Liam's birth.

"They ended up coming down and spending New Year's in our room, waiting for the baby to come out," Wingo said.

Wingo and Nguyen both said they were amazed that their little Liam was the first baby of the year.

"We heard somebody else was complete and ready, way before we were," she said. "We were surprised. We were hoping for before midnight."

The reason?

"Tax break," she quipped.

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