Water district general manager resigns

Municipal Water District of Orange County General Manager Kevin Hunt resigned from his position to pursue new opportunities, according to a MWDOC press release.

During his nine years with the agency, Hunt worked on securing funding for countywide projects and managing water supplies among other projects, according to the release.

"Hunt was a brilliant water resource planner," said Karl Seckel, the newly named interim general manager for MWDOC. "The departure of someone like that is always difficult."

Seckel said he has been with MWDOC for 30 years and has worked with Hunt for 35 years on various projects.

"I bring a stabilizing force to MWDOC," Seckel said.

The board is still determining whether to name Seckel as general manager or interview others for the position, Seckel said.

"Either way, I'm a happy camper," he said.

MWDOC is a wholesale supplier, delivering water to 28 agencies in Orange County.

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