Dave Gibbs July 14, 1938 - March 27, 2013

David Rodney Gibbs lost his battle with cancer last Wednesday morning. Dave was an old- school “Lagunan” who left the malt shops and hot rods of ‘50s-era Santa Ana for the surfing and beach lifestyle of 1966 Laguna.

Dave cherished Laguna believing that coming here was the best move he ever made in his life. A little known fact is that Dave was the original builder of the “Palapa” at Thalia St. beach, and showed his Laguna pride by secretly maintaining the Laguna “L” that sits beneath his Mystic Hills home.

Throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, Dave worked in Laguna building high-end custom homes, and later specializing as everybody’s favorite electrician.

Dave was a true outdoorsman who was a pioneer in early surfboard and skateboard design that he created in his infamous garage, a place where tools hung immaculately on the wall. Dave never quit surfing and in later years took up long-distance paddling and mountain biking when he wasn’t restoring his latest hot rod.

Dave was always very active with the youth of Laguna, driving kids early in the morning in pursuit of waves, or taking them to skate parks when the surf was flat. He had many friends, and despite being in his 70s, maintained relationships with people of all ages. A healthy lifestyle enabled him to keep up with the next generations, whom he admired for taking the sports he loved to new levels.

Dave is survived by his wife of 55 years, Carolyn, his son Chad and daughter-in-law Jennifer, and sisters Linda and Paula. Most of all he cherished his grandkids, Wyatt and Emma, who have each followed his legacy by pursuing an active lifestyle and sharing his love of the beach.

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