Venue renamed Balboa Village Theatre

When the Balboa Performing Arts Theater finally reopens after decades of inactivity, it will be a mix of old and new — and the venue's name will be in the latter category.

The Balboa Performing Arts Theater Foundation announced in a release this week that the theater has been renamed the Balboa Village Theatre. The foundation adopted the new name in tribute to the city's efforts to revitalize the area around the theater.

"As I read about the theater's plans for reopening, I also read the Balboa Village Implementation Plan and saw that the theater never had to be a 'thing unto itself,' but part of a larger effort to bring a renewed vitality to the area," Steve Beazley, the recently appointed chief executive officer, said in a statement. "Two visioning truths became clear to me: 'It takes a village to raise a theater' and 'It takes a theater to raise a village.'"

A new website for the Balboa Village Theatre,, features the name and logo (a starfish that appears to be dancing) along with a link for visitors to sign up to receive email updates.

The 300-seat theater, which will offer film screenings, live entertainment and educational programs, is expected to begin renovations this fall and open in early 2015.

—Michael Miller

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