Boy hit with projectile at school

A 10-year old boy was struck in the calf by a small metal projectile shortly before 8 a.m. Thursday at College Park Elementary School, authorities said.

Officials earlier reported the boy was 11.

A group of students were playing in the field area of campus when they heard what sounded like BB's ricocheting off the portable buildings. One of the students was hit with the projectile, which was slightly larger than the size of a normal BB. The teacher pulled all of the students into the classroom and called police, said Costa Mesa police Sgt. Zack Hoferitza.

The student was treated in the health office and returned to class, according to a school district news release.

In response to the incident, College Park Elementary has implemented additional safety precautions, which include enhanced supervision on the playground and field, the release stated.

Police collected several BB-type rounds from the area and are investigating the incident, Hoferitza said.

— Hannah Fry


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