Letters From the Editor: Another way to get your community news

Many of our readers, particularly those who often made a special trip to the supermarket to grab the paper, asked us to put their Huntington Beach Independent back into copies of the Los Angeles Times so they could get their local, regional, national and world news in one place.

We heard you and want you to know there are now several ways to read the Independent on Thursdays in print and, of course, daily online.

The first is to subscribe to The Times and have the Independent delivered, with The Times, to your home.

The Independent is also available in stand-alone racks along sidewalks and inside various businesses across Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach and Fountain Valley. And every Thursday, we provide free samples of our print editions to many of the homes in those communities.

Starting Feb. 13, you can again get your community paper together with The Times from racks and retailers, such as supermarkets, cafes and convenience stores.

Those of you who already subscribe to The Times will not notice a change, and there will be no change to website access. The Independent will remain free online.

JOHN CANALIS is the editor for the Daily Pilot, Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot and Huntington Beach Independent. He can be reached at (714) 966-4607 and john.canalis@latimes.com.

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