North Laguna streets getting a protective coating

The city anticipates that all north Laguna streets will have a protective sealant by the end of the month.

As of last week, 90% of the streets in an area primarily north of High Drive received a slurry seal, a type of coating placed atop a street after resurfacing, according to a news release.

A slurry seal incorporates fine gravel that produces a rougher surface than new pavement, although the roughness is smoothed over time by traffic.

The resurfacing is part of the city's 10-year program to have all streets slurry sealed to protect and extend the life of the pavement.

Residents can visit the city's website,, for a schedule of streets to receive a seal.

Some areas have variations in color due to uneven drying where there are highly shaded areas next to sunny areas, or due to water stains from various sources.

The cost, including construction, material testing and design, is about $1 million, Public Works Director Steve May wrote in an email.

—Bryce Alderton

Twitter: @AldertonBryce

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