Commentary: ‘Ignorance, outrage and denial’ are becoming Huntington Beach’s trademarks

Demonstrators gather on Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach on May 1.
(Daily Pilot)

In the midst of COVID-19, the city of Huntington Beach has once again emerged as the go-to place for both the blissfully ignorant and political opportunistic.

For as our state, our nation and, indeed, our world are grappling with the unparalleled death and disruption brought on by this global pandemic, Huntington Beach seems perfectly content to welcome those ignoring the best advice of public health experts and medical professionals from around the world.

Of course no one should be surprised. Over the past couple of years, this has kind of become the Huntington Beach brand: ignorance, outrage and denial.

Our city has been overtly hostile to sensible policies seeking to address climate change, the housing crisis and homelessness while at the same time happy to host a City Council-sponsored pep rally for bigots, racists and out-of-town agitators on the evils of California Senate Bill 54, the so-called “sanctuary-state” law.

Unfortunately, while Huntington Beach continues to gain tons of negative national media attention for hosting partisan-tinged temper tantrums masquerading as protests, as well as thousands of blissfully ignorant beachgoers, the residents of Huntington Beach are left to wonder: What about us?

In a city that supposedly puts a premium on public safety, why is our city government doing nothing to actively deter the presence of the unmasked, uninformed and potentially infected?

Other coastal Orange County communities have managed to take public health recommendations seriously.

Why hasn’t H.B.?

Perhaps more importantly, while H.B. residents can shelter-in-place to avoid this threat, our first responders cannot. Police officers, firefighters and lifeguards are all forced to face potential coronavirus exposure as they dutifully do their jobs.


Sadly this is just what Huntington Beach has become: Ignorant of facts, outraged over expertise and in denial of consequences.

The writer lives in Huntington Beach.

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