Mailbag: Politicians: the best get-rich-quick scheme


Chuck Cassity wonders what other laws besides those regarding immigration he can break without fear of prosecution from the government and become rich in the process ("Sounding Off: Selective attention and the law," July 30).

Here are some, Chuck: corporate fraud (Wall Street); willful negligence resulting in death (BP and Massey Mining); murder, rape, theft (Blackwater); war crimes, torture,perjury, ethics, conflicts of interest (Bush administration).

All of these perpetrators have ignored the law and enriched themselves beyond their wildest dreams without a day spent in jail.

Immigration got you down, Chuck? You're thinking way too small if you want to get rich ignoring laws.

In short, the best way to becoming obscenely wealthy at the expense of everyone else, laws be damned, is to become a politician or make friends with one.

Gregg Peterson

Corona del Mar


One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to have a cup of coffee and peruse the real estate section. It's interesting to look at all the great houses in our area and get an idea of what the housing market is like at this time.

I happen to know a lot of real estate agents in our community and have never met so many hard-working, dedicated people. They do their utmost in representing both buyers and sellers in what is a very personal and emotional experience.

So, when I recently read about a local real estate agent describing West Newport as being filled with frat boys and party animals, I thought, OK, there are those who come down here and have a good time. The agent went on to say that, while in Newport Coast, you will find carefully staged environments where flower gardens are symmetrical, and even the gardeners are nicely dressed. He refers to Newport Coast as being very civilized.

I found these comments not only terribly arrogant, narcissistic and boring, but, the last time I checked, my neighbors here in Newport Heights, and for that matter, all of Newport Beach, are pretty civilized as well. To infer that unless you live in a multimillion-dollar home with nicely dressed gardeners qualifies you as being civilized is both insulting and disgusting!

Juli Hayden

Newport Beach

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