Mailbag: Some reasons to stop reading Cassity's column

Re. "Cassity: Some reasons to vote for Obama (not really)," (Oct. 26):

The latest in a series of farcical columns by Chuck Cassity is nothing short of a free political advertisement, facilitated by the Daily Pilot, on behalf of Mitt Romney. I am surprised that Chuck did not take full advantage of this timely opportunity presented to him to spew the entire litany of lies that are a signature of this Republican campaign. He forgot to mention that President Obama is not one of us — a Kenya-born illegitimate occupant of the White House, a secret Muslim who actually sympathizes with terrorists, and a hardcore socialist who does not believe in American exceptionalism.

Chuck did not give a single reason for you to vote for Romney. So, let me oblige, (not really!). You should vote for Romney if you admire a person without any core beliefs, principles or values. He can then be molded into any persona that the lobbyists choose after the election. He is your man if you believe that our leaders should be serial liars and brazen enough to believe that they can get away with it.

Romney is your savior if you believe that a fertilized egg is a person with constitutionally guaranteed rights. He is your hero, if you believe like he does, in spending a lifetime enriching him by devising schemes to artfully dodge paying his fair share of taxes. He is your leader, if you like being led by a man without conscience, who impoverished hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens, robbing them of their jobs, their pensions and their health care because his greed had no bounds.

He is your knight in shining armor if you are looking for a leader who will start a war at the drop of a hat, but has a long history of not one single member of his family having served in the armed services. He is the right person at the right time, a real plutocrat, to establish a plutocratic form of government — rule of the 1% for the 1% by the 1%!

Jamshed Dastur

Newport Beach


Really, Cassity?

As a counter point to Chuck Cassity's column, If you believe that two unpaid wars combined with tax deductions didn't get us into the financial mess and high unemployment that we are currently experiencing vote for Romney-Ryan.

If you believe that a near meltdown in the economy of this country could be effectively dealt with in four years with a totally obstructionist Republican-controlled Congress then vote for Romney-Ryan.

If you believe that Medicare recipients would be better off with an unproven voucher system, vote for Romney-Ryan.

If you believe that 47% of Americans, including servicemen and women on active duty, Social Security recipients and those in need don't really matter, then vote for Romney-Ryan.

If you believe that Social Security should have been privatized by putting it into the stock market, then vote for Romney-Ryan.

If you think that women's health-care issues and reproductive rights should be dictated by white Republicans, then vote for the Romney ticket.

Larry Freedman

Newport Beach

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