Mailbag: Proud of Marina's stance on equality

Re: "A crowning achievement," Independent, Sept. 26:

As a Marina High School graduate (Class of 1972), I was pleased to hear of Cassidy Lynn Campbell's selection as homecoming queen.

The support of the student body, principal and administration speaks volumes about Marina's stance on tolerance and equality (the teen is transgender). I couldn't be prouder of my alma mater.

Lynn McGowan

Huntington Beach


Party bus is not logical

Re: "Parties keep on rolling," Independent, Oct. 10:

I find this quite a paradox. We have a city besieged with alcohol problems on weekends, festive days and events, yet we condone a shuttle service that takes the party to and from our city.

Let's do some thinking on this one for a moment:

1. We have a task force, set up after the surf fiasco brought about by alcohol-fueled unruliness.

2. We deny liquor licenses to new businesses because the residents are tired of all the riffraff and alcohol-related issues.

3. The police acknowledge we have a problem and have the statistics to back that up.

Yet we allow the party bus to take our party folks to Newport and now Costa Mesa and vice versa. Let's get real. Sure it is good they are not on the road between bar sessions, but when they get back from their party adventure, they are going to have to get into the cars they left at their point of origin and drive on our roads to get home.

Where is common sense on this?

Oh, it is good for business to have the folks come in, but why are we spending so much time to get control of downtown alcohol-related problems when we just fuel the fire with this concept?

Who takes accountability for the potential liability?

Drew Kovacs

Huntington Beach

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