Chargers edged by Breakers

An early season girls' water polo showdown between Edison and host Laguna Beach on Tuesday didn't disappoint.

In a match that pitted two CIF Division 1 ranked teams, a last-second shot on a designed play by the eighth-ranked Chargers hit the post and sixth-ranked Laguna was able to hold on for an 11-10 nonleague victory.

"We came into the game knowing we can compete with them," Edison Coach Diggy Riley said. "It was a game of runs."

Laguna took a 3-2 lead after one quarter and the Breakers still were in front, 8-7, through three quarters. Edison's potential score-tying shot that went off the post came with two seconds left.

Junior Ashley Dorman led Edison with three goals, with senior Haley Kunert and juniors Abby Oshiro and Alys Williams all scoring twice.

Laguna junior Yoshi Andersen led all scorers with four goals.

"We have been really training hard and spending a lot of time on an offensive system that gets all the girls involved," Riley said. "We had five or more different girls score for the third straight game, which tells me that they are grasping the offense.

"We have along way to go. Our league and division is as tough as it gets, but the girls are focused and excited about the tough competition."



It's three years running now for the Edison Chargers.

Earlier this month, Edison won its third straight Sunset League surfing championship by going 6-0, with two wins each coming against rivals Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach and Marina.

The Chargers have carved out their own grip on the league title in recent years, a grip that Huntington held a stranglehold on for, well, forever.

"We just have a super group of seniors who have really helped get us to the top these last few years," said Zoran Forgiarini, who is in his 15th year as head coach of the Chargers. "It's a really good class. Our girls have been amazing and helped us win the title. In addition, these kids are excellent students who carry a B average or better.

"Huntington's been atop this league for a long, long time and been so dominant. For us to win three years in a row now is special. I have a lot of gratitude."

At the conclusion of the 2010 Sunset League surfing season, the league held its All-Star Championships on Dec. 8 at the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier. Eight boys' shortboard, three girls' shortboard, three boys' longboard, three girls' longboard and two bodyboard athletes from each of the four schools were selected to compete in the competition. League coaches also competed in a coaches' division contest.


2010 League MVPs

Men's Shortboard: Clay Crandel (Edison)

Women's Shortboard: Anise Guzman (Edison)

Men's Longboard: Shaun Thompson (Edison)

Women's Longboard: Miya Leyva (Fountain Valley)

Bodyboard: Shaun Olson (Edison)

Surf Team standings: 1. Edison; 2. Huntington Beach; 3. Marina; 4. Fountain Valley.


All-Stars competition results

Men's Shortboard: 1. Derek Peters (Huntington Beach); 2. John Ellis (Huntington Beach); 3. Matt Pasaquindici (Huntington Beach); 4. Jake Saenz (Huntington Beach); 5. Jack Boyes (Huntington Beach); 6. Jesse Steelman (Edison).

Women's Shortboard: 1. Page Ortiz (Huntington Beach); 2. Miya Leyva (FV); 3. Jillian Olson (Edison); 4. Anise Guzman (Edison); 5. Brooke Daignault (Edison); 6. Maddie Gumbrecht (Marina).

Men's Longboard: 1. Jordan Robinson (Edison); 2. Shaun Thompson (Edison); 3. Nat Thompson (Edison); 4. Tony Bartovich (Huntington Beach); 5. Zack McKerr (Marina); 6. Tanner Chang (Marina).

Women's Longboard: 1. Irene Jeffries (Fountain Valley); 2. Maddison Seaberry (Edison); 3. Maddie Gumbrecht (Marina); 4. Miya Leyva (Fountain Valley); 5. Torrey Meithke (Edison); 6. Marissa Poortman Pedrau (Marina).

Bodyboard: 1. Shaun Olson (Edison); 2. Jonathan Millikan (Edison); 3. Tyler Belko (Huntington Beach); 4. Jacob Lottes (Huntington Beach); 5. Zak Day (Marina); 6. Dean Kropchok (Marina); 7. Cody Sizemore (Fountain Valley); 8. Travis Hunter (Fountain Valley).

Freshmen: 1. Austin Ortiz (Edison); 2. Dillian Aragon (Edison); 3. Tyler Campizi (Huntington Beach); 4. Mark Liebermann (Marina); 5. Sage Oosterhoff (Fountain Valley); 6. Kaden Bruner (Fountain Valley); 7. Dane Scott (Huntington Beach); 8. Eric Muller (Marina).

Aerial Manuever: 1. Bryce Marino (Edison).

Progressive Manuever: 1. Johnny Kockland (Edison)

Coaches Division: 1. Barry Deffenbaugh (Huntington Beach); 2. Harry Handy (Huntington Beach); 3. Jeff Joyce (Marina); 4. Christian Padua (Fountain Valley); 5. Dillon Chang (Marina); 6. Zoran Forgiarini (Edison); 7. Paul Hafffan (Fountain Valley).

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