Heritage Room a smart move for sure

This story isn't so much about sports. In plain terms, it's about business. More specifically it's about good business.

The Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine made a smart move with the addition of the Heritage Room, which had its grand opening Wednesday afternoon.

There was great reason to celebrate.

Can you believe this grand golf course has been without a banquet-type private room since the place opened in 1996?

"To have a property without a banquet room is almost like having a golf course without a driving range or a golf course missing an 18th hole," said Eric Lohman, PGA Director of Golf at the Oak Creek Golf Club. "We were still successful and able to get around it. Now we don't have an obstacle … the opportunity is endless. We are just excited for the future. We have a great golf course, great practice facility, a great staff. And, now we have the facilities to match it."

In the past, Oak Creek Golf Club would set up group parties outside. There was something missing. Oak Creek had been in need of a place for business meetings, special breakfasts or lunches, charity group events or award ceremonies.

There was a large room at Oak Creek Golf Club, but in it was the golf shop. But now the golf shop has been moved. A smaller room was constructed for the new golf shop.

A renovation took place and in came the Heritage Room, a 2,611-square foot room that can hold up to 200 people.

It's hard to believe that big room was the golf shop. But that was in the past. Lohman and Oak Creek are only concerned with the future. Already, they've seen an increase with groups being booked to use the golf club and the new Heritage Room.

Time will tell if the room pays off and improves business at Oak Creek, but it looks like a winner.

Lohman knows the room has met its objective: the property is complete. People want an indoor space to meet. Outside can be great under a tent, but only amid favorable weather.

The work went into creating the new banquet room. All that was left was a name for it. Lohman didn't want just people pointing to it and saying, "Hey, let's meet in there."

He came up with the name, "The Heritage Room." He thought it had a regal sound. But there was more to it than that.

"We have a row of heritage eucalyptus trees on the property," Lohman said.

He also said the name made sense because it pays tribute to the land, which is part of the original 93,000-acre Irvine Ranch. That's intertwined with the heritage of Orange County, Lohman said.

The new room creating new business, it all makes sense.


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