High School Football Highlights: GAMEBUSTERS

(High school football plays of 30 yards or more)

85 – Markiece Traylor (Costa Mesa) TD pass from Noah JayaRajah

72 – Brett Greenlee (Corona del Mar) blocked FG return for touchdown

65 – Landon Gyulay (Newport Harbor) TD pass from Cole Norris

44 – Talalelei Teaupa (Newport Harbor) touchdown run

43 – Cole Martin (Corona del Mar) run

38 – Oronde Crenshaw (Costa Mesa) kickoff return

37 – Markiece Traylor (Costa Mesa) pass from Noah JeyaRajah

36 – Ben Beck (Estancia) kickoff return

31 – Robert Murtha (Estancia) run

30 – Quest Truxton (Newport Harbor) TD pass from Cole Norris


CORONA DEL MAR — Senior safety Chris Johnstone stuffs a run for a three-yard loss ... Junior nose tackle Giovanni Gentosi collects a two-yard sack ... Junior inside linebacker Alex Moore halts ballcarrier for a four-yard loss ... Senior end Greg Williford stuffs a run for no gain on third-and-goal ... Senior outside linebacker Alexi Molinari stops ballcarrier on fourth-and-goal ... Senior Ryan Griffin returns an interception nine yards ... Sophomore Brett Greenlee intercepts a pass ... Greenlee returns a blocked field-goal attempt 72 yards for a touchdown.

NEWPORT HARBOR – Junior tackle Ramsey Hufford and sophomore outside linebacker Ryan Gaddis combine to stop a run for no gain ... Senior end Emmanuel Jogwe records a five-yard sack ... Junior cornerback Quest Truxton provides blanket pass coverage to force an incompletion ... Gaddis halts a run for a three-yard loss ... Senior outside linebacker Derek Kula pressures the quarterback and Truxton maintains good coverage to help force an incomplete pass ... Hufford and senior end Armani Johnson combine to pressure quarterback into throwing the ball away ... Kula blows up a toss play to force a three-yard loss ... Senior end Andrew Williams forces a fumble on a tackle and sophomore outside linebacker Keaton Cablay recovers ... Senior middle linebacker Marty Taylor blitzes to produce a nine-yard sack ... Senior tackle Donovan Acidine pressures quarterback on an incomplete pass ... Junior cornerback Cory Stowell gets his hands on a pass to prevent a completion ... Johnson records a one-yard sack ... Stowell jumps a slant pass to help cause an incompletion ... Senior Talalelei Teaupa bats down a pass in the end zone on the final play to preserve the win.

COSTA MESA – Senior safety Markiece Traylor breaks up a long pass ... Senior linebacker Rudy Aguirre and senior cornerback Justin Smith stuff a run for a two-yard loss ... Senior end Anthony McCormick hits the quarterback as he throws, causing an incompletion ... Aguirre stops a run for no gain ... Senior end Jose Villalpondo gets a four-yard sack ... Senior tackle Oscar Reyes breaks up a screen pass ... Reyes and McCormick combine on a one-yard sack ... McCormick, junior lineman Joseph Quiroz and Villalpondo combine on a four-yard sack ... Smith hits ballcarrier on a pitch, causing a fumble that sophomore linebacker Will Padilla recovers ... Padilla gets a six-yard sack ... Junior linebacker Oronde Crenshaw stuffs run for a three-yard loss.

ESTANCIA – Senior linebacker Colby Koste stops running back at the line of scrimmage … Senior defensive back Edwin Medero breaks up a long pass … Koste forces the quarterback to fumble … Koste intercepts a pass and returns 26 yards to the Laguna Beach eight-yard line to set up the Eagles' second touchdown.

— From staff reports

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