High School Football Highlights: GAMEBUSTERS

(High school football plays of 30 yards or more)

83 – Kai Wilson (Corona del Mar) touchdown run

80 – Ben Beck (Estancia) TD pass from Brad Wilson

61 – Oronde Crenshaw (Costa Mesa) touchdown run

59 – Markiece Traylor (Costa Mesa) TD pass from Noah JeyaRajah

57 – Ben Beck (Estancia) TD pass from Brad Wilson

55 – Oronde Crenshaw (Costa Mesa) run

54 – Talalelei Teaupa (Newport Harbor) run

50 – Edwin Medero (Estancia) interception return

49 – Charlie Kim (Sage Hill) kickoff return

48 – Henry Vasquez (Estancia) TD pass from Brad Wilson

46 – Jake Lux (Costa Mesa) field goal

43 – Cayman Carter (Corona del Mar) run

39 – Quest Truxton (Newport Harbor) TD pass from Cole Norris

33 – Joe Melita (Sage Hill) run

32 – Cole Martin (Corona del Mar) pass from Cayman Carter

31 – Talalelei Teaupa (Newport Harbor) run

30 – Daniel Lawrence (Costa Mesa) TD pass from Noah JeyaRajah


CORONA DEL MAR – Sophomore Chad Redfearn recovers muffed punt inside the Irvine 10-yard line, setting up CdM's first touchdown … Senior end Tim Reinhardt produces a seven-yard sack … Reinhardt and senior nose tackle Devin Trejo combine on a six-yard sack … Junior linebacker Alex Moore breaks up a pass … Moore and Trejo combine on a two-yard sack … Sophomore linebacker Robbie Hoffman stops tailback for a one-yard loss … Senior defensive back Jack Harris recovers a fumble near the Irvine 20-yard line … Senior Alex Imani recovers a kickoff returner's fumble on the Irvine 25-yard line.

NEWPORT HARBOR – Junior tackle Ramsey Hufford stops the quarterback for a one-yard loss … Senior outside linebacker Derek Kula almost intercepts a pass … Hufford stuffs a run for no gain … Senior end Armani Johnson takes down the back for a two-yard loss … Senior tackle Donovan Acadine gets in the face of the holder during a fake field-goal attempt, forcing an incomplete pass … Junior safety Garret Hall intercepts a pass … Kula stops ballcarrier on fourth-and-inches … Sophomore outside linebacker Riley Gaddis produces a two-yard sack on fourth-and-long, allowing Newport Harbor to hold on and win.

ESTANCIA – Senior linebacker Dustin Long recovers a fumble ... Senior cornerback Levi Stillman intercepts a pass ... Senior linebacker Colby Koste, junior linebacker Jackson Letterman and sophomore lineman Michael Hubbard stuff a run for a one-yard loss ... Hubbard breaks up and nearly intercepts a screen pass ... Senior lineman Dan Cabrera stops a run for a two-yard loss ... Senior defensive back Ben Beck strips the ball from the running back after a long run, and senior defensive back DeionTe Haywood recovers the fumble ... Letterman and junior lineman Mackenzie Collins stop a run for no gain ... Koste drills running back for no gain ... Stillman breaks up a pass over the middle ... Hubbard deflects a pass, causing an incompletion ... Senior defensive back Edwin Medero returns an interception 50 yards ... Stillman leaps to deflect a fourth-down pass.

COSTA MESA – Senior outside linebacker Noah JeyaRajah halts a pass play for a one-yard loss ... Junior tackle Marco Zalpa records a three-yard sack ... JeyaRajah breaks up a pass and nearly intercepts ... Senior outside linebacker Justin Smith and senior tackle Oscar Reyes combine to stuff a run for no gain ... Smith provides pressure to force an incomplete pass on a fake-field-goal attempt ... Smith and Reyes team up to stop ballcarrier for no gain on back-to-back running plays ... Junior cornerback Quinten Bell intercepts a pass ... Senior Kyle Barnett stops a kickoff returner at his own 16-yard line ... Traylor returns an interception 26 yards to set up a touchdown ... JeyaRajah and senior cornerback Kurt Williams combine to halt a reverse for a two-yard loss ... JeyaRajah forces a ballcarrier back inside and Barnett makes the tackle for a three-yard loss ... Barnett stops a run for no gain ... Junior middle linebacker Oronde Crenshaw and JeyaRajah combine to stuff a run for no gain ... Sophomore end Will Padilla stops a run for a one-yard loss ... Senior outside linebacker Erick Diaz halts a run for a three-yard loss ... Junior Daniel Lawrence intercepts a two-point pass attempt ... Diaz stops a toss play for a five-yard loss ... Diaz stops a pass play for a one-yard loss ... Sophomore Chris Payne breaks up a pass.

SAGE HILL – Junior linebacker Logan Hamilton breaks up a pass downfield ... Hamilton breaks up another pass in the end zone ... Sophomore defensive back Beau Roth records an eight-yard sack ... Senior lineman Thomas Fenner stops a screen pass for a minimal gain on fourth down ... Fenner, junior lineman Tom Ficcadenti and junior linebacker Will Burns stuff a quarterback sneak short on fourth down ... Senior defensive back Harrison Ray breaks up a pass ... Two plays later, Ray breaks up another pass on fourth down ... Fenner blows up a run for a five-yard loss ... Burns returns an interception 26 yards.

— From staff reports

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