John Ursini issues apology for top 10 list

EDITOR'S NOTE: John Ursini wrote a top 10 list that he read at Estancia High last week in celebration of the school winning the All-Sports Cup for the fourth straight year. He gave his top 10 reasons why Estancia has won the All-Sports Cup, the trophy given to the school (Costa Mesa vs. Estancia) that collects points for winning the most rivalry matchups. The top 10 list appeared in a Daily Pilot story and triggered some anger and disappointment from the Costa Mesa community. Ursini has responded with an apology. A Daily Pilot follow-up story is also in the works.

To my Mustang friends and supporters and those in the city of Costa Mesa,

Last week I went to Estancia High School to present the Costa Mesa United All-Sports trophy to the students, faculty and coaches of Estancia. I've been asked to do this every year because along with Costa Mesa United I instigated the All-Sports Cup given to the school who wins more games in athletic competition throughout the year between Costa Mesa and Estancia High Schools.

My intention for the trophy was to add some good fun to the varsity sports competitions between the two schools and then celebrate the winning school's varsity athletes with a lunch provided by my family's business, Newport Rib Company. I thought instead of simply saying congratulations to the students and staff on the victory I'd try to be funny.

As I've learned from this experience, I'm not very funny.

I tried a little David Letterman humor and presented Estancia with a top 10 list of why the Eagles won this year's All-Sports Cup. The list was meant to be light-hearted and a little funny. But I realize that humor is one thing, but when another group feels put down by the humor it's not humor at all. It's cheap and it hurts feelings and that's not worth being funny.

My top 10 comments struck some feelings in the Costa Mesa community and I'm sorry.

I have grown up in this city since 1965 and my love for this city is endless. Our family business has tried very hard to become a positive force in the community and I hope the community will accept my apologies for trying to be funny.

Next year I'll leave my top 10 list at home, whether I'm back at Estancia, or in the Costa Mesa gym wishing the Mustangs congratulations.

I hope you will accept my apology.


John Ursini

Proprietor Newport & Naples Rib Company


Ursini's top 10 list of reasons why Estancia won the All-Sports Cup

No. 10. Robert Murtha.

No. 9. Estancia's Rowdy Rooters are much rowdier than the Mustangs.

No. 8. Estancia's principal can beat up Costa Mesa's principal.

No. 7. Estancia's golf teams figured out it's better to have a low score in golf and Mesa still thinks the most strokes win.

No. 6. Estancia's baseball and softball teams know how to sweep the field of Mustang residue. (Estancia swept Costa Mesa in both sports.)

No. 5. Estancia's athletes know what to do with all the nets. Put it over the net in volleyball and tennis and in the net for soccer and basketball.

No. 4. Jim Scott, Jim Scott Jr. and the Scott family are Eagles.

No. 3. Estancia football coach Mike Bargas and his coaching staff teach the right way to win.

No. 2. The Eagles love BBQ more than the Mustangs.

No. 1. The All-Sports Cup thinks Estancia is its permanent nesting place, and who are we to mess with the mighty Eagles of Estancia High School?

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