High School Football: GAMEBUSTERS

(Plays of 30 yards or more)

80 – Chance Siemonsma (Newport Harbor) touchdown run

59 – Will Burns (Sage Hill) pass from C.J. McCord

53 – Dalton O'Daly (Estancia) touchdown pass from Connor Brown

52 – Christian Laurent (Estancia) run

50 – Quest Truxton (Newport Harbor) kickoff return

48 – Dalton O'Daly (Estancia) run

44 – Garrett Hall (Newport Harbor) kickoff return

42 – Christian Laurent (Estancia) pass from Connor Brown

34 – Ronnie Urquiza (Estancia) touchdown run

30 – Beau Roth (Sage Hill) touchdown pass from Robbie Rosoff


ESTANCIA — Junior defensive back Ronnie Urquiza and junior lineman Kevin Valencia stuff a run for no gain ... Senior end Arturo Ortega pressures the quarterback, causing a hurried throw and incomplete pass ... Senior lineman Mark Velasquez sacks the quarterback for a two-yard loss ... Ortega slows the running back, causing just a minimal gain on third-and-two and a fourth down ... Senior linebacker Zack Shafer sacks the quarterback for a 14-yard loss ... Junior Dalton O'Daly recovers a bouncing kick at the Sonora nine-yard line ... Sophomore lineman Jason Jones leads a host of Eagles blowing up a run for a three-yard loss ... Velasquez stuffs a run for no gain ... Shafer strips the running back on the Estancia five-yard line, and Ortega recovers ... Junior cornerback Devon Jackson intercepts a pass near the sideline, icing the victory in the final minute.

NEWPORT HARBOR — Junior end Brett Beaudette and senior lineman Ramsey Hufford stuff a run for a one-yard loss … Senior lineman Alex De Soto stops the tailback for a one-yard loss … Senior Quest Truxton comes off the edge and blocks an extra-point kick, keeping the Sailors ahead, 14-13 … Sophomore linebacker Dalton Rosene tackles the back at the line of scrimmage … Senior cornerback Cory Stowell breaks up a pass in the end zone … Senior lineman Joseph Zavala and Rosene combine to take down the back for a two-yard loss … Sophomore lineman Caleb O'Neal brings down the back on the one on a third-and-goal run.

SAGE HILL — Senior middle linebacker Will Burns and senior end Jack Bick combined to stuff a run for no gain ... Bick recovers a fumble at his own 19-yard line ... Burns halts ballcarrier for a one-yard loss ... Junior cornerback Rafe Feffer pounces on a receiver after a catch to produce a two-yard loss ... Junior cornerback C.J. McCord jars the ball loose from a receiver with his hand to cause an incomplete pass ... Burns and junior outside linebacker Luca Bonvicini combine to nail a ballcarrier for a one-yard loss ... Senior cornerback David Dewey provides blanket coverage to ensure an incomplete pass ... Sophomore Jake Fisher leads a pair of tacklers to halt a run for no gain ... Junior outside linebacker Beau Roth tackles quarterback after fielding an errant snap for a 13-yard loss ... Sophomore Sam Misarak breaks up a pass in the secondary ... Dewey maintains perfect position in coverage to produce an incomplete pass ... Senior outside linebacker Logan Hamilton causes and recovers a fumble after a 16-yard completion inside the Sage Hill 10-yard line to end Silver Valley's third overtime possession.

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