Steinberg returns to representing

Leigh Steinberg is back in the game.

Steinberg, the famed sports agent, relaunched his representation career and announced the formation of Steinberg Sports & Entertainment this week, as he gained NFL agent certification.

October could be known as Comeback Month for Steinberg, who has battled plenty of adversity, including the death of his father, the end of his marriage, bankruptcy and alcoholism.

He's back in the news, headlines across the Internet, declaring his return. Some headlines question what's ahead, as in USA Today's, "Can he return to superagent status?"

Steinberg, a columnist for the Daily Pilot, is back at work, in his office in Newport Beach. The days are busy as he doesn't turn down many interviews. He's working toward the 2014 NFL Draft. There's also his autobiography, "The Agent," that's due out early in the new year.

The documentary, "League of Denial," that aired on PBS on Tuesday, featured him talking about concussions in the NFL.

He went into public relations mode this week, as he had a press release reveal the news. The headline of the press release read: LEGENDARY SPORTS AGENT LEIGH STEINBERG LAUNCHES NEW SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY.

"Our goal with this organization is to change the world again," Steinberg says. "We have done it before, and it's still the core of our mission — to be agents of change to improve people's lives and use the power of sports, branding and media to make the world a better place."

Yes, he's back, backed by a Texas-based investment group. According to the USA Today story, a deal is in place that will pay off his debts.

Amid all the work and news of the comeback, Steinberg remains in sobriety. He last had a drink in March of 2010, the story reported.

The 64-year-old, who struggled with vodka, checked into a rehabilitation facility and went through a 12-step program to get back on his feet.

He is now showing he is back. But is he all the way back? Can he return to his elite status of representation?

Steinberg doesn't believe he is competing against his past success. He only knows he has overcome the past adversity and is showing a story of redemption, albeit a story that is unfinished.

In addition to his writing projects, Steinberg also teaches a sports law class at Chapman University in Orange. He had also taught at UC Irvine.

The students all recognize his name and get to know the man who was known as the model of an NFL agent. He is famous for consulting his expertise for the movie, "Jerry Maguire."

His past client roster reads like a Dream Team, with Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Warren Moon and Ben Roethlisberger among the clients.

Steinberg negotiated more than $2 billion in player contracts, and helped to generate over $600 million for local and national charities. He has represented the top pick in the NFL Draft a record eight times. In addition, he has represented at least 60 first-round selections. Seven of his former clients are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In addition to pro football players, Steinberg is also set for entertainment client representation. The Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency will also deal with media consulting, and champion causes ranging from concussion prevention to racial inequality and environmental sustainability.

"Throughout my career, I have been driven by two basic values I learned from my dad," Steinberg said. "One is to treasure relationships — especially family — and the second is to try to make a positive difference and help others, something that's as rewarding for us as it is for the clients and interests we represent."

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