Hoyer takes top prize at Newport Surf Classic

Josh Hoyer, a Newport Harbor High alumnus, won the Graduated Division title and $500 at the 15th annual Newport Surf Classic March 30 at 54th Street in Newport Beach.

The surf event, which featured about 180 surfers of all ages, was the fundraiser for the Newport Harbor High surf team. The Newport Harbor surf team hosted the event in conjunction with Volcom and Surfside.

The event raised over $10,000.

The competition along with the festive atmosphere during the two-day event also made it a success for the Newport Harbor surf team.

""The Newport Surf Classic has been the local stage for some of Newport's best surfers," Matt Burns, Newport Harbor surf coach, said in a release. "We are really proud of this neighborhood tradition and love getting kids excited about surfing."

Tyler Gunter highlighted the action, as the younger surfer won both the High School Division and the Junior High Division titles.

The competition featured seasoned surfers, as well as first-time wave riders.

— From staff reports

15th annnual Newport Surf Classic

March 29-30


Graduated Division

1. Josh Hoyer; 2. Jared Cassidy; 3. Colin Moran; 4. Daniel Shea.

High School Division

1. Tyler Gunter; 2. Michael Bonds; 3. Parker Cohn; 4. Preston Dexter; 5. Dave Flinn; 6. Justin Croteau.

Junior High Division

1. Tyler Gunter; 2. Dylan Hord; 3. Parker Cohn; 4. Cole Housmen.

Elementary Division

1. Jake Orloff; 2. Ty Burgess; 3. Hadin Norwood; 4. Tess Walshe.

Girls Division

1. Meah Collins; 2. Tehya Corona; 3. Becca Standt; 4. Katie Dill.

Longboarding Division

1. Erik Valley; 2. Michael Bonds; 3. Dane Flinn; 4. Chris Lomenzo.

Bodyboarding Division

1. Chris Stewart; 2. Micky Hocks; 3. Joey Gregory; 4. Dylan Cotton.

Masters Division

1. Ivan Lizards; 2. Nicolai Glazer; 3. Eddie Fioreo; 4. Matt Anderson; 5. Todd Miller; 6. Ken Keirstead.

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