USC earns Rose Bowl berth, capping dramatic turnaround

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  • Mailbag: Anti-Richmond's anti-Trump rhetoric

    Mailbag: Anti-Richmond's anti-Trump rhetoric

    Re: "An open letter to Trump voters," Ray Richmond, Nov. 18. As a public temper tantrum, Ray Richmond's column was an embarrassment to your paper and your readers. It consisted of nothing more than four columns of sarcasm, insults and lies. This is the journalism that the Glendale News-Press aspires...

  • Mailbag: Police respond to late-night call

    I would like to thank and commend the Glendale Police Department for their service to our citizens. In the early morning hours, I noticed a man attempting to enter the apartment building across the street by climbing the outside window. We have had recent criminal activity in our neighborhood,...

  • Commentary: It's time to end school bullying

    "It is my daily mission to just get through the day," or "I just don't feel like going to school, but maybe today is going to be a good day." This is a struggle for kids and teens who suffer victimization at the hands of their bullies. Unfortunately, these are not just random quotes, these were...

  • Mailbag: Motivations seem clear in Sagebrush debate

    Mailbag: Motivations seem clear in Sagebrush debate

    I attended both of the recent Sagebrush hearings. I even spoke at the second one. The vitriol, hyperbole and deceit from one side was nauseating. Two women opposing the transfer of the area from Glendale Unified to La Cañada Unified spoke at the first meeting. One compared the Sagebrush residents...


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