‘All Square’ and ‘Ride’ among Newport Beach Film Festival winners


The Newport Beach Film Festival announced the award winners this week for its 19th annual edition, which wrapped up Thursday.

The 50,000 viewers who turned out for the weeklong festival could choose from among more than 350 films from 58 countries. The festival selection committee had reviewed applications for more than 2,500 films.

Each movie competed for honors in three categories: Jury Awards, voted on by a panel of film experts and industry insiders; Festival Honors, given by the event’s staff; and Audience Awards, determined by ballots from filmgoers.


Here’s a roundup of this year’s winners:

Jury Awards

Best Film: “All Square”

Best Actor: Michael Kelly, “All Square”

Best Actress: Rusty Schwimmer, “Wild Honey”

Best Director: Frank Berry, “Michael Inside”

Best Cinematography: Tom Comerford, “Michael Inside”

Best Documentary: “Forever ‘B’”

Best Screenwriter: Timothy Brady, “All Square”

Best Narrative Short Film: “DeKalb Elementary”

Best Documentary Short Film: “The Bare Knuckle Carer”

Best Animated Short Film: “My Father’s Room”

Best Music Video: “Cold Little Heart”

Festival Honors

Directing: Shana Feste, “Boundaries”

Acting: Maika Monroe, “Shotgun,” and Finn Wittrock, “Locating Silver Lake”

Breakout Performance: Shane Graham, “Ride”

Screenwriting: Will Elliott, Kirk Johnson, Nicholas Rutherford, Robert Schwartzman, “The Unicorn”

Foreign Film: “The Best of All Worlds”

Cinematography: “Hunting Lands”

Editing: “Juveniles”

Narrative Film: “Meerkat Moonship” and “The Mad Whale”

Documentary Film: “Social Animals” and “Kiss the Joy: The Story of Joan Lind Van Blom”

Short Film: “Antouni” (“Homeless”)

Foreign Short Film: “Voice”

Animated Short Film: “Departure”

Breakout Performance: Andre Hennicke, “The Peculiar Abilities of Mr. Mahler”

Short Documentary: “The Girl and the Picture,” “Fisk ‘Untitled Portrait’” and “Land of the Wind (Tierra del Viento)”

Short Family Film: “Bullies”

Foreign Short Family Film: “Earthly Encounters”

Audience Awards

Feature Film: “Ride”

Foreign Film: “The Drummer and the Keeper”

Documentary: “Pick of the Litter”

Action Sports: “Time Well Spent”

Art, Architecture and Design: “Chesley Bonestell: A Brush with the Future”

Culinary: “Cuban Food Stories”

Environmental: “The Human Element”

Family: “A Boy Called Sailboat”

Music: “Up to Snuff”

Short Documentary: “Aloha Aina Warrior”

Short Narrative: “The Day of Matthew Montgomery”

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